environmental policy

Our Environmental Policy

We care about the environment and try to ensure that we have as little impact as possible. See our environmental policy below.

Environmental policy

At The Ionisi we are constantly thinking about how we can reduce our environmental impact and help conserve the island that we love. We continue to make progress towards our environmental priorities by resourcing responsibly, recycling and reducing waste; as well as finding ways to spread the word about environmental concerns on the island.

There is no doubt that tourism can have a detrimental impact on the environment, but there is much we can do to transform this.

We are taking steps to join forces with our guests, suppliers and local community to take positive action in preserving the environment. No matter how big or small, we believe every effort is important, and to keep us on track we are continually introducing new pledges to help us reach our environmental goals.

Our environmental action and pledges


All our cleaning products and bathroom toiletries we buy in bulk and refill existing containers.

We buy our food with as minimal packaging as possible or have it delivered in reusable crates.

Our pledge

Our pledge is to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic as much as possible. Each year we evaluate our plastic consumption and try to find ways to reduce it.

For season 2022 we are making the following adjustments:

  • Stopping the provision of single use slippers (wrapped In plastic) and encouraging guests to bring their own pair or flip flops from home. The money saved will be invested in other environmental initiatives.
  • Supplying our team with reusable (Non-Plastic) bags for fruit and vegetable shopping and exploring options for eliminating as many plastic containers as possible.

We use LED lightbulbs wherever possible.

Our pledge

Over the course of 2022-2026, we are working with all our hotel owners to switch electricity providers over to 100% renewable energy.


Globally, livestock releases as much greenhouse gases as all cars, trucks, planes and ships put together*. This means that making changes to what’s on our plate and opting for more plant-based meals really can reduce the impact of climate change.  We meat-free options in our restaurant. Guests can opt in or out, or even go completely meat free on their holiday with our delicious vegetarian menu.

We buy food with minimal food miles by shopping seasonally and locally as much as possible.


We recycle all glass, plastic, cardboard and tin.

We minimise food wastage wherever possible.

Water bottles

We encourage guests to bring refillable water bottles from home cut down on plastic water bottles.  We sell sustainable branded water bottles at our properties to encourage less use of single use plastic water bottles.

Office environmental, recycling and waste policy

We work under the principles of reduce, reuse then recycle.  We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas within this policy and the education and training of all employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.

We commit to being a paperless office except for essential documentation and use both sides of the paper before recycling. Our business is 100% web-based.

As a team we are working hard to find ways eliminate plastics from our working life. We recycle as many materials as possible